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  • Brownfield site

    Ease the slow squeeze


    A joint paper published by Landsec and British Land last week called for planning policy changes to promote urban regeneration on brownfield sites.

  • Infographic for article

    Meeting the challenge of net zero at a site level to achieve net zero at the fund level

    2023-06-19T00:00:00+01:00By Simon Redfern

    The latest IPCC report made clear that the challenge of achieving Net Zero assets and funds should remain both a wider societal and property industry imperative; yet understanding on a building by building level what needs to be done can be something of an enigma for many participants in the ...

  • Hyperoptic BTR Product Launch Campaign_PWP article image_print

    The impact of mid-contract broadband price hikes

    2023-06-19T00:00:00+01:00By Jo-Anne Dunning

    Historically high rates of inflation were expected to be short-lived, but their persistence has led to a prolonged cost-of-living crisis, with interest rates also on the up.

  • MIPIM 2023 tennis

    Mipim Charity Tennis Tournament 2023


    The “Make A Racket” Mipim Charity Tennis Tournament celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2023, and it did not disappoint players, sponsors & spectators alike.

  • Richard Adamson_Residential Auction_Allsop

    The time has come: Allsop’s residential auction returns to the ballroom

    2023-04-11T00:00:00+01:00By Richard Adamson

    Despite the turbulent state of the UK economy and the uncertainty within the UK property market over the past few years.

  • BOLT01_FEN_lowres

    Biodiversity Net Gain transition period is ending November 2023: What are the options and are you ready?


    The need to prepare for the biodiversity net gain (BNG) requirement is coming into force officially this November. Business development director for Environment Bank, Helen Wyman says, time is of the essence for developers to start planning their BNG strategy now to ensure the financial viability and successful delivery of ...

  • trafalgar_way_largest_passivhaus_pbsa_development_in_europe

    How engineering can help you maximise returns from PBSA Developments

    2023-03-21T10:30:00+00:00By Euring Andrew Stanford BEng (Hons) CEng FICE

    Optimising and value engineering PBSA buildings from an early stage and throughout the project allows smart developers and investors to maximise the potential returns from this unique kind of development.

  • GSNR_low-47 (2)

    Why build to rent is our Way of Life

    2023-01-16T00:00:00+00:00By Sowgol Zarinchang

    It will be five years in January since I joined Way of Life, and in that time I have learned that, when it comes to BTR, the ‘Build’ part is only half the story. Our customers are really our guests, and whether they are staying for weeks, months or even ...

  • c-dustin-91AQt9p4Mo8-unsplash

    Material reuse and the benefits of early supply chain involvement

    2022-12-08T11:53:00+00:00By Adriano Amorese

    Material reuse and the adoption of circular economy principles are at the heart of the industry’s drive towards net zero carbon.

  • Flora Building Premium Plus Studio - DSC_3191

    PBSA: The strength of the sector in light of new cost of living challenges


    The PBSA sector faced its challenges throughout the pandemic, but admission levels this year have shown that more 18-year olds than ever are looking to go to university.

  • Spaces Trafalgar Place 4437 Brighton UK Business Lounge 2

    The role of landlords in the future of flexspace


    Experts from Colliers discuss how hybrid working creates compelling opportunities for landlords.

  • anders-j-hxUcl0nUsIY-unsplash

    ​A sustainable reality

    2022-11-28T09:56:00+00:00By Sarah Spurling

    Years ago, the terms “sustainable finance” and “green lending” were more often used in discussions relating to our progressive distant future.

  • GettyImages-1345128585

    Four steps for taking control of property data chaos


    Changing physical spaces are everywhere around us. Businesses in retail, banking, medical, and more are focusing efforts on redesigning their current footprints to maximise their functionality and to improve customer experiences.

  • Property Manager with tablet

    ​Back to the basics: Simplicity is key for effective property management


    Property managers must prioritise building knowledge, stay up to date with the latest industry trends and collaborate with clients to deliver the best service for customers.

  • uk-commercial-cafe-ipad

    Improve the tenant experience with an end-to-end solution


    Technology has advanced rapidly and improved the way we live and work. However, when we think about improving the tenant experience, we don’t see technology as the first step.

  • pbsa student housing software

    ​Development & Operations: Reimagining Student Living


    How to deliver affordable, inclusive accommodation amidst rising living costs.

  • Energy efficiency

    Insulation from the energy crisis


    Vincent Bryant, CEO and co-founder of Deepki, discusses the importance of improving energy efficiency across property portfolios if managers are to avoid the worst this winter.

  • ey-architect-inspecting-plan-of-building-v1

    Accelerating digital transformation in commercial real estate


    At many points in history, extraordinary events shaped and reset the way we interact with physical space and the outside world. Recent events not only forced businesses to rapidly adapt in real-time, but it also reset how consumers expected the physical places they visit to operate.

  • due dilligence

    10 ways to use data for due diligence


    The amount of information available on properties and local areas has never been greater, and buyers of residential property and land should use this to their advantage when evaluating a potential purchase.

  • luke-van-zyl-koH7IVuwRLw-unsplash

    Hamptons’ Top 10 New Homes Trends for 2023


    ‘Unprecedented times’ is a phrase that has done a lot of heavy lifting recently. Changes that typically would have played out over a generation have been squeezed into just a handful of years.

  • Green housing 1

    UK homes: accelerating the transition

    2022-10-17T11:14:00+01:00By Amy Crick

    Weather patterns around the world are changing, and extreme weather events are increasing in frequency, becoming more severe and unpredictable. At the same time a rapid increase in energy costs, particularly the wholesale price of gas, has been a key driver of the recent increases in inflation.

  • Yardi Streamline BTR

    Streamline the BTR Leasing Journey for Residents & Operators


    When managing build to rent (BTR) real estate operations, delivering a seamless end-to-end resident experience is fundamental.

  • Regus Civic Building 5851 Epping UK Business Lounge (1)

    ​How to attract the best talent in a competitive market


    With 69% of businesses around the world struggling to recruit the talent they need, it’s more important than ever to make your company as attractive as possible.

  • G4S

    Security threats to property and how to stay a step ahead

    2022-09-26T00:00:00+01:00By Noah Price

    The threats faced by the property sector are varied and depend on a number of factors, including how good the security is. The pandemic has also reshaped some of these factors and changed threat levels.

  • Pearl Potter Warehouse 60_0031

    ​Big growth in the small to mid-box market

    2022-09-20T00:00:00+01:00By Jason Rockett

    Demand for small to mid-box warehousing has never been higher, despite serious economic challenges, explains Jason Rockett, MD of Potter Space.

  • LandTech PW Sponsored Post Aug 2022

    Three ways to recession-proof your development business


    There’s some uncertainty about whether or not the UK is actually in a recession at the moment. But the current financial downturn and increasing cost of living mean that if we’re not officially in one already, it is likely just around the corner.

  • Spaces Trafalgar Place 4437 Brighton UK Booths

    ​The four-day week trial: what does it tell us about productivity?


    More than 70 countries are taking part in trials of a four-day working week. Will it catch on? Is it doomed to failure? Time will tell – but either way, it’s time for businesses to think seriously about their approach to productivity, and hybrid working looks set to take a ...

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