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HYGEN™ Brand Debuts

Rubbermaid Commercial Products launches the HYGEN™ sub-brand focused on creating best-in-class cleaning products for the Healthcare industry. This launch introduced microfiber into the RCP portfolio for the first time.



HYGEN™ Microfiber System Improved

The HYGEN™ system is revolutionized to best meet the demanding needs of end-users. All Microfiber products are improved to feature a patented zig-zag design made of polyester for added scrubbing power and new construction that increases durability to withstand 200 launderings with bleach. The PULSE™ Spray Mop launches and carts optimized for use with microfiber are added to the HYGEN™ system.



Introduction of HYGEN™ Disposable Microfiber

HYGEN™ Disposable Microfiber Mops and Cloths debut as a vital addition to the HYGEN™ system. They help meet a key need for single-use infection prevention products that provide optimal microbe removal in high-risk areas of Healthcare environments.



Refresh of HYGEN™ Disposable Microfiber

The HYGEN™ Disposable Microfiber System is relaunched with improved performance. Made with the same high-quality monofilament, but utilizing a different knitting stitching technique, the new disposable microfiber cleans more efficiently and covers more square feet than the previous version.


HYGEN™ Microfiber Selection Guide
HYGEN™ Microfiber Selection Guide

Read the HYGEN™ Microfiber Selection Guide

A comprehensive guide to microfiber education and how to select the right microfiber for your facility.

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Optimal Infection Prevention

Microbe removal is a critical step in helping to prevent infection. HYGEN™ microfiber supports environmental cleaning, the first step in the disinfection process, by removing 99.7% or more of tested bacteria, viruses, and fungi to help improve cleaning efficacy. *Based on third-party testing on VCT surface with water only.


Industry-Leading Durability

HYGEN™ durable microfiber is tested to withstand 200 launderings to CDC guidelines in hot water (160F) with chlorine bleach for superior durability and efficiency.

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Superior Productivity

The most comprehensive microfiber cleaning solution reduces water and chemical usage to increase operational efficiencies and improve worker well-being.


Optimal Infection Prevention


Industry-Leading Durability


Superior Productivity

Visit our Microfiber page to find additional information about tested efficacy and efficiencies of HYGEN™ Microfiber.

You'll find educational content that includes a podcast episode, cleaning efficacy statistics, product recommendations by facility type and more!


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Read the White Papers

Defining Microfiber, The HYGEN™ Difference White Paper
Defining Microfiber, The HYGEN™ Difference White Paper
When to Use Disposable Microfiber White Paper
When to Use Disposable Microfiber White Paper
The Case for Cleaning Prior to Disinfection White Paper
The Case for Cleaning Prior to Disinfection White Paper

These white papers take a critical look at the importance of using quality cleaning tools to prevent infection. 

  • Defining Microfiber, The HYGEN™ Difference: 
    • Covers the science behind what makes microfiber a critical cleaning tool, and how HYGEN™ microfiber products are a proven and efficient clean.
  • When to Use Disposable Microfiber:
    • Find guidance backed by scientific research when to choose between disposable and launderable microfiber by careful consideration of all factors, ranging from laundry to staffing to infection risk, to help a facility choose the optimal microfiber product.
  • The Case for Cleaning Prior to Disinfection:
    • Learn about the importance of implementing a two step process of cleaning prior to disinfection as it provides the best risk reduction for lowering the spread of infection, which is the ultimate goal of any cleaning and disinfection program and a public health
      imperative today.

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