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RCP's First Resin Bucket Launches

Rubbermaid Commercial Products manufactured and brought its first resin mop bucket to market. It debuted as the industry's first resin wringer and brought RCP into the commercial cleaning space.



Improved Resin Mop Bucket Goes to Market

The RCP resin mop bucket is relaunched with improved performance. Outrigger legs were introduced to provide stability while wringing and maneuvering.



Brute® Mop Bucket Debuts

The BRUTE® branded mop bucket launches to meet the demanding needs of end-users by delivering a mop bucket with superior durability and ergonomic improvements.



WaveBrake® Mop Bucket Launches

To address the splashing issue of normal mop buckets, RCP developed the WaveBrake®. The new model included baffles inside the bucket to break up the waves, reducing splashing by 40 percent*. * Compared to the BRUTE® mop bucket version,



New Gen WaveBrake® Mop Bucket is Introduced

RCP continues to innovate, improving the industry-leading splash reduction and adding new features. Proudly made in Winchester, Virginia, the newest generation of WaveBrake® is designed and built to the highest of quality standards with an industry-leading warranty of 5-years.


WaveBrake® Brochure
WaveBrake® Brochure

Read the WaveBrake® Brochure

RCP continues to innovate, improving the industry leading splash reduction and adding new features that surpass any other traditional mop bucket. Learn more about all WaveBrake® products in this brochure. 

Meet the WaveBrake® family


80% Less Splashing

Molded-in WaveBrake® baffles disrupt wave formation, reducing splash up to 80% versus leading competitors.* *Versus competitive U.S. 35qt single compartment mop bucket and wringer, not including divider bucket and accessories.


Convenient to Empty

The WaveBrake® mop bucket is designed to safely empty water with less effort. Integrated handles, sink ledge, and a pour spout provide control while lifting and emptying, for a safe and stable emptying process.


Designed to Last

The WaveBrake® wringer is designed and built to the highest of quality standards. WaveBrake® wringers have an industry-leading warranty of 5-years.


80% Less Splashing


Convenient to Empty


Designed to Last

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WaveBrake® Brochure
WaveBrake® Brochure
WaveBrake® Product Guide
WaveBrake® Product Guide
WaveBrake® Bucket and Wringer Ergonomic Impact
WaveBrake® Bucket and Wringer Ergonomic Impact

These resources go further in-depth on different products in the WaveBrake® family. Explore more below:  

  • WaveBrake® Brochure
    • Discover the full product offering of the WaveBrake® brand.
  • WaveBrake® Product Guide: 
    • 2-page sell sheet that features the core product features & benefits along with a full SKU listing. 
  • WaveBrake® Bucket and Wringer Ergonomic Impact:
    • Learn about the ergonomic comparison of a standard mop bucket vs. the WaveBrake® & the WaveBrake® with Built-in Drain. 

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