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  • New home key in door

    Good, cheap and fresh: pick any two


    The irony of being probed for anti-competitive practices in the midst of a transparently difficult year will not bring much comfort to the major housebuilders.

  • M&S

    M&S lesson: don’t diss retrofit


    Michael Gove’s decision last week to throw out plans to redevelop the M&S flagship building on Oxford Street must have been particularly galling for the retailer, given that the secretary of state seems to have prioritised protecting the visual impact of the Selfridges store next door.

  • Brownfield site

    Ease the slow squeeze


    A joint paper published by Landsec and British Land last week called for planning policy changes to promote urban regeneration on brownfield sites.

  • Net zero 1

    Everybody needs good NABERS


    At a breakfast briefing last month, Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO of the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP), showed a slide depicting a very strange situation – but one which she found not the least bit surprising.

  • PW141022_workplace diversity_shutterstock_1477336883_cred fizkes

    Don’t duck diversity


    Loraine Martins OBE has a blunt message for any business leader who doesn’t feel comfortable discussing race, gender or any other aspect of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI): get comfortable.

  • Net zero

    A climate of inaction


    It is perhaps ironic that questions around the climate crisis are so often kicked into the long grass, along with other tricky problems best solved later, preferably by someone else.

  • Boris Johnson

    Planning beyond Boris


    In the end, just seven of Boris Johnson’s closest allies in the House of Commons rose to his defence on Monday, as MPs voted overwhelmingly to endorse the privileges committee’s report on his Partygate dishonesty.

  • cladding_credit_shutterstock_iweihuang_1736333906_786783

    Building safety still a concern


    Six years ago this week, the nation awoke to the horrific news that a fire had broken out in the night at Grenfell Tower, a residential block in west London. The tragedy ultimately cost 72 lives, with many residents trapped in their homes unable to escape the smoke and flames.

  • New house for sale

    House prices: who knows?


    The two leading house price indices (HPIs), from Nationwide and Halifax, provide the most timely measure of sentiment in the housing market but also the most partial. The picture that each paints of what is going on – and the commentary provided by the lenders’ in-house experts – can often ...

  • Keir Starmer

    Hope versus housing


    Labour’s attempts to portray itself as the party to get Britain building have begun in earnest, with a couple of policies floated so far that appear surprisingly bold and more than a little divisive.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) robots

    Thinking beyond the box


    A few years ago, the mainstream media became transfixed by the prospect of self-driving cars, when it seemed as if either Tesla or Google spin-off Waymo might imminently bring such a thing to market.

  • Rental contract

    Reckoning for rent reforms


    The tabling of the Renters’ Reform Bill this week begins the formal process of scrutinising the government’s proposals, which already feel as if they have been debated endlessly.

  • Houses of Parliament

    Let’s not be lizards


    The incomparable Douglas Adams, much-missed author and satirist, died 22 years ago this week. The passing years have not blunted his many sharp insights. Take, for example, his view of the political animal, outlined in the fourth Hitchhikers book, when the dialogue turns to an unhappy democracy of humans ruled ...

  • King Charles III_credit_Flickr_Roger Harris_ukhouseoflords_52352532118_f88d5491f2_o

    Will King be a royal influencer?


    This weekend we will witness a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle: the coronation of a king. A six-gun salute will be fired from Horse Guards Parade to mark the exact moment the crown touches the monarch’s head and the UK will be alive with colour and noise. But behind the pomp and ceremony ...

  • Business people

    Good eggs vs bad apples


    The most recent annual report issued by the Confederation of British Industry, for the year ending 31 December 2021, set out the principal risks faced by the CBI at the time.

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